ULOCO uses cookies for Google Analytics. Collects data such as PV and session, and the manager uses it for analysis to improve the convenience of the service.

Purpose of data collection

  1. In order to discover defects in the site.
  2. To make it easy to find broken links.
  3. To analyze popular materials etc. and create new and more wonderful materials.
  4. To raise my motivation.

The Characteristic of data

  1. Cookies for analytics do not identify individuals.
  2. We collect data such as number of sessions, number of PV and session time.


  1. By continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies.
  2. Users can send a request to delete data. Currently, we are manually deleting data. Therefore, it takes some time after receiving a request. We will try to erase within about 90 days.
  3. Since the data does not identify an individual, it is difficult to trace back the history of a specific user and delete everything (impossible by the manager's skill). If you do not wish to use cookies, please select "I do not accept".

Cookie Setting

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